STReadWrite Android Application

STReadWrite is an Android App for connecting and using StockTwits message feeds.

What is STReadWrite?
STReadWrite is an Android App for connecting and using StockTwits message feeds on businesses.

What is required to use it?
First you must have a StockTwits account to sign-in to StockTwits. Once you first sign-in to StockTwits, you will than need to have the application download and update the Symbols file from StockTwits. You can update this file daily or whenever you feel like. Please note Stocktwits only publishes a new symbols file during weekdays. Once you have your updated stock symbols file you can slide to the Watchlist View and add company symbols to your device's private Watchlist. Once you have your Watchlist loaded with the companies you want to view, just touch the company symbol and then slide to the Messages View. You should see the last 30 Messages for the selected company from your Watchlist.

What does it cost to use STReadWrite?
Currently there is no fee for using STReadWrite. We are currently looking for feedback from users about additional features to add to the application. If you are interested in sending us feedback, please use the form below to let us know, how you would like to send your feedback to us.

How do I Install the App?
Use the link below to download the Android Installer Package to your mobile/tablet device. Then open the .APK file to install.

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STReadWrite Google Play Store Release 1.0 - 06-14-2014

STReadWrite User Manual Release 1.0 beta - 06-10-2014

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