Current Events Hosted Server Control Service

What is Current Events Hosted Server Control Service?

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for Clients wanting to use their Public Google Calendar Events on a website without having to link the whole calendar. It is simple to use and very easy to integrate into any existing or new website.

How does it work?

You send us the address of your Public Google Calendar and the WEBSITE URL where CurrentEvents will be utilized, so we can bind this information to our service. We then send you a javascript file (currentevents.js) along with instructions for implementing the HTML commands that will enable CurrentEvents AJAX communication. Then follow our recommended way of defining where on your webpage you want CurrentEvents to populate by defining an ID (ID="CurrentEventsSection"). That is all there is to do.

What Calendar Services are Supported?

Currently we only support Public Google Calendar Service.

What Control Settings/Formatting are Supported?

Standard version currently supports the following adjustable settings:
(1) Enable Debug / Extended Error Messages : default=false
(2) Enable Hyperlinks : default = true
(3) Max Number of Results : default = 10 (1 - 30 supported)
(4) Primary Color : default = blue (name of color or #000000 color number supported)
(5) Secondary Color : default = purple (name of color or #000000 color number supported)

What Does it Cost?

Cost depends on usage.

Requests per DayCost Per Month
250 or less$5.00 Per Month
additional 250$5.00 Per Month

Please note that additonal Requests per Day are only available in increments of 250. (ie. to support 501 to 750 Requests per Day you would pay $10.00 per month, etc.). If your usage exceeds your normal Requests Per Day level during any day of the month you will be billed for the overage that month.

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