ADJUKE Advertising Network

ADJUKE our revolutionary near real-time Cloud-based 30 second Video Advertising Network!

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What is ADJUKE?
ADJUKE is a Cloud-based Advertising Network comprised of multiple different Locations with ADJUKE connected HD Displays, that allow Advertisers to upload and schedule content (30 sec HD or Regular Video Ads) displaying at your selected dates and times, for a small fee per video ad slot scheduled.

ADJUKE Advertising Network Explanation For Advertisers!

Now Available at Theatre Arlington!

Advertisers - ADJUKE Marketing Material Advertisers

Advertisers have the option of trying to schedule one slot or a range of slots on the same day or range of days, for each location. Currently the system offers up to as many as 120 (30sec slots) per hour each day (2880 slots total per day). Demographic information is available by location for Advertisers to make knowledgeable decisions about when to schedule content for the most impact. If the schedule and offer is accepted by the Location then the scheduled content will display at the selected date and time slot on all the ADJUKE connected displays at that location. Advertisers are required to deposit sufficient funds in their ADJUKE account to cover any scheduling desired.

*Please note this is a first come first served network, if any slot in your schedule has already been sold/filled by another schedule you will not be charged for that slot in your schedule. So please try to plan ahead and schedule your slots early enough to guarantee availability.*

Locations - ADJUKE Marketing Material Locations

Locations provide the space for ADJUKE displays and accept or reject offers for ad content to be displayed. Locations can also make agreements with other locations to cross promote ad content for cost free advertising between locations. Locations can also have an advertising account of their own to schedule ads on another location's displays for paid slots. Locations receive 50 percent of any actual ad revenue generated by their displays (for Non-Profits ATC returns the funds as a donation), with ATC charging a 2% fee per month to cover support and services provided. Locations have no direct costs but are expected to provide electricity and internet service as needed. Advanced Techcare will provide displays to any location as needed, with displays over 50" resulting in an increase to the monthly 2% fee. Locations will determine the price for non-peak and peak ad slots and agree to provide demographic information for each location utilizing the ADJUKE Ad Network. Locations also have the option of uploading and scheduling Filler content for unsold ad slots, otherwise ADJUKE Ad Filler will fill unsold slots.

Video Creation Services - For Advertisers and Locations needing help with creation of Video Ad Content, ATC recommends contacting The Brown Lab. The Brown Lab offers a full range of simple and complex Video creation services and can handle any project both large and small. Contact The Brown Lab for help with producing quality video content at an affordable price.

The Brown Lab
Chris Gifford

Multi-location Store Chain Private In-Store Ad Network

Any Multi-location Store Chain wanting their own Private In-Store Ad Network version of ADJUKE should contact us today! Advanced Techcare will provide the expertise, training and hardware needed (or you can provide your own hardware) to setup a Private In-Store Ad Network based on ADJUKE technology which we will license to you. Once the Private In-Store Ad Network is in place each store and their vendors would have the opportunity to schedule same day advertising promotions on a National, Regional and Local level, along with vendor promotions, product videos, etc. If you are a multi-location store chain and you would be interested in trying out a private in-store ad network, Contact Us today, by using the form below.

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show organizers should consider using ADJUKE to provide Video Advertising opportunities for your shows. Utilizing ADJUKE connected displays a Trade Show Organizer can provide for themselves and their vendors an Advertising Opportunity (for vendors unable to attend, vendors who are attending, vendor promotions, product videos, booth locations, etc). If you would be interested in trying our ADJUKE service for your Trade Show, Contact Us today, by using the form below.

Contact us for more information or to establish an Advertiser and/or Location account by using the form below.

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