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Release Date: 07-10-2013
Are you tired of your PC freezing or crashing? Is the hard drive on your pc running low on space and you are not sure why? This could be the result of not performing preventative maintenance on your PC.

We would like to introduce you to PC Maintenance Pro.

PCM Pro was designed to perform preventative maintenance on a pc without requiring any user interaction other than the initial setup. This is great for home and small business users who do not have an IT department or do not have the time to perform the maintenance themselves. This smart tool allows you geekless users the opportunity to save time and money without having to pay someone else to keep your computer performing at it's best! PCM Pro has all the same features that PCM Standard does, but comes with an expanded Email Report featuring Firewall Status, Antivirus Status and an option to report on Unused Programs!

From one easy to use interface users can schedule PCM Pro or Disk Defrag and enable email reporting!

If you want to increase the lifetime of your computer, while saving time and money, then you need to use PCM Professional.

Regular Retail Pricing for PCM Pro is $30.00 USD per pc. This is a flat one time fee. Upgrades to PCM Pro are covered for 1 year. Tech support is covered for the first 60 days, after that a fee will apply for each incident.

Non-Profit, Academic pricing is available as well. Please contact us.

Please email ts@advtc.com with your pricing questions or to place your order.

**** Please Note: Remember to set PCM Pro to "run this program as an Administrator". See User Manual for instructions! ****

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